55. “All One Day”

All One Day

All one day, birds awake the bride;
the bridegroom sees his father
linger at the waterside
where two were drowned, and slowly kneel.
The pelicans have nested
on marshy islands off the cove.
All one day, the dead are buried;
hatchlings and marriages
reply to death. A witness rises
slowly for the prosecution
and regrets what she must say.
Neck in a six-pack loop, a turtle
buries eggs ashore and dies.
All in one day — one day.
The power to accept the ebb
or to defy it sweeps the land
all in one day — one day.
Now here’s a serpent line of cars,
acrobats, and cakes; klieg lights
for pageants after dark,
as if not blind and put away
we still behold the day.



See my blogsite at Frameshifts.com, my book Coming Around on Amazon, and“Palliative Care,” at https://medium.com/@frameshifts/palliative-care-56141d44cfc3.

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